Title: They Look Like You
Author: marcicat

Fandom: Marvel MCU, Amazing Spiderman
Rating: T

Characters: Flash Thompson, Taina Vasquez, Bucky Barnes, Marta Farrell, Robert Farrell (Rocket Racer), Ava Ayala (White Tiger), Peter Parker, Sharon Hawkins, JARVIS, Ms. Vasquez (Taina’s mom), Pepper Potts, Gwen Stacey

Summary: The odds of Flash finding Bucky Barnes before the team of elite superheroes who were all searching for him were low. The odds of Bucky Barnes finding him were significantly higher.

Author’s Note: Title is from the song ‘Nothing More,’ by The Alternate Routes. Follow up to “Heroes Don’t Look Like They Used To.”

Character notes: Virgil and Richie are Static Shock and Gear; Sharon is Virgil’s older sister. Robert Farrell is Rocket Racer; he really does have six younger siblings. Ava Ayala is White Tiger. Relative ages and timelines have been adjusted where necessary.

They Look Like You )


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