Title: Some Days There Are Dinosaurs
Author: marcicat

Fandom: Avengers MCU, Jurassic World
Rating: T
Words: 4100

Characters: Betty Ross, Pepper Potts, Darcy Lewis, Wanda Maximoff, Pietro Maximoff, Janet Van Dyne, Maria Hill, Greg Quill, Peter Quill, Nebula, Gamora, Owen Grady, Harley Keener

Summary: It turns out a lot more of life is about making friends and knowing people than we were led to believe. Also, dinosaurs.

Author’s Note: The prologue to this fic is actually the set-up for a much different story, that takes place in a non-alternate dimension. But once I set it up, suddenly there was the raptor squad, and I couldn’t resist. Since it also, however vaguely, explains why this particular set of people might have ended up in a meeting together, I left it in.

Some Days There Are Dinosaurs )
Title: Something Like Home
Author: marcicat

Fandom: Avengers MCU, Amazing Spiderman, Ms Marvel
Characters: Flash Thompson, Darcy Lewis, JARVIS, Kamala Khan, Lockjaw, Ava Ayala

Tags: found family, Valentines Day
Word Count: 1900

Summary: A Valentines Day free from hearts and flowers, but still full of family.

Something Like Home )
Title: They Look Like You
Author: marcicat

Fandom: Marvel MCU, Amazing Spiderman
Rating: T

Characters: Flash Thompson, Taina Vasquez, Bucky Barnes, Marta Farrell, Robert Farrell (Rocket Racer), Ava Ayala (White Tiger), Peter Parker, Sharon Hawkins, JARVIS, Ms. Vasquez (Taina’s mom), Pepper Potts, Gwen Stacey

Summary: The odds of Flash finding Bucky Barnes before the team of elite superheroes who were all searching for him were low. The odds of Bucky Barnes finding him were significantly higher.

Author’s Note: Title is from the song ‘Nothing More,’ by The Alternate Routes. Follow up to “Heroes Don’t Look Like They Used To.”

Character notes: Virgil and Richie are Static Shock and Gear; Sharon is Virgil’s older sister. Robert Farrell is Rocket Racer; he really does have six younger siblings. Ava Ayala is White Tiger. Relative ages and timelines have been adjusted where necessary.

They Look Like You )
Title: Heroes Don’t Look Like They Used To
Author: marcicat

Rating: T
Word Count: 5300

Fandom: MCU (Avengers, Captain America: TWS, Amazing Spiderman)
Characters: Gwen Stacey, Peter Parker, Flash Thompson, Jane Foster, Darcy Lewis, JARVIS, Tony Stark

Author’s Note: Title is from the song ‘Nothing More,’ by The Alternate Routes. Story ignores everything about TASM2 except for Gwen’s offer to go to London.

Summary: Gwen Stacey got on the plane.

Heroes Don't Look Like They Used To )
Title: Blink, Bleed, Breathe, Believe (first you save yourself)
Author: marcicat

Rating: T
Word Count: 2500

Summary: A potential take on some of the behind-the-scenes stuff between and around Iron Man 3 and Winter Soldier.

Author’s Note: Starts post-Iron Man 3, then jumps to Cap 2 and moves forward from there. In awesome news, one of Sam’s “comics canon” powers is that he can converse with birds. I wish that was actually important in this story.

Characters: Pepper Potts, Tony Stark, Maria Hill, Nick Fury, Bruce Banner, JARVIS, Clint Barton, James Rhodes, Natasha Romanoff, Bucky Barnes

Blink, Bleed, Breathe, Believe )
Title: No Last Call
Author: marcicat

Word Count: 2900
Rating: T

Summary: Flash meets Coulson’s new team (two of them, anyway) just as they’re becoming his former team.

No Last Call )
Title: The More The Merrier
Author: marcicat

Fandom: Avengers MCU, Iron Man Armored Adventures
Word Count: 11,300

Rating: T

Summary: Gene Khan interns in the MCU!verse, and Darcy finally meets one of the Fantastic Four. No one gets a pet, but Thor eats a lot of pudding cups, and the two Tonys bond over Extremis.

The More The Merrier )
So many movies to watch in May! (Okay, two so far, but I've seen both of them twice, which is like four!) I wasn't sure what I'd want to write about, so I planned to do supershorts for each movie -- sort of a 'this is what I wanted to see on screen' sort of thing. As usual, I'm not really sure how the plan manifested in the finished result.

Title: Reaction Time
Author: marcicat

Fandom: Avengers MCU, Iron Man 3
Rating: T

Word count: 550
Summary: Every workplace has a mailing list, right?

Reaction Time )
Title: Break the Rules
Author: marcicat

Rating: PG
Word Count: 3300

Fandom: The Amazing Spiderman, Avengers
Series: Singing in the Light, Laughing in the Dark

Summary: Flash spends April break at Nikki and Calle’s house to escape his well-meaning friends, and meets a little boy and a dragon.

Break the Rules )
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( Feb. 24th, 2013 09:08 pm)
Title: Monday All Day Long
Author: marcicat

Word Count: 3100
Rating: T

Summary: Not all heroics take place on the front line. (Alternately, maybe SHIELD should maybe just stay closed on Mondays.)

Author’s Note: Includes a few characters from Iron Man: Armored Adventures (the official high school AU).

Monday All Day Long )
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( Jan. 25th, 2013 08:12 pm)
Title: Unconventional Rescue
Author: marcicat

Word Count: 1000

Summary: Natasha stages a rescue, prompted by Tony, or possibly JARVIS. Inspired by these.

Unconventional Rescue )
Title: It’s a Puzzle, It’s a Maze
Author: marcicat

Fandom: Avengers, Spiderman, Bourne films, marcicatverse
Word Count: 1300
Rating: G

Summary: A 500-piece jigsaw puzzle wouldn’t be much of a challenge for this group — unless the pieces were hidden.

Author's Note: NaNoWriMo novel Christmas follow-up fic!

It's a Puzzle, It's a Maze )
Title: Singing in the Light, Laughing in the Dark

Author: marcicat
Wordcount: 50,085
Rating: R (for thematic content)

Fandoms: Bourne movies (including Bourne Legacy), I Am Number Four (movie!verse), Marvel!verse (including Spiderman & the Avengers, mentions of F4 & X-teams), brief cameo appearance by characters from my former nano novels (hi Sabri and PJ!)

Author's Note: Basically, I'm incapable of writing anything without everything taking place in the same universe -- the one where everyone is neighbors and everything turns out okay.

Singing in the Light, Laughing in the Dark )
Title: Five Times Flash (Thompson) Met The Avengers
Author: marcicat

Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 5900

Author’s Note: Inspired by The Amazing Spiderman (movie) and, of course, the Avengers (movie), though I couldn’t resist adding in the ‘Phil Coulson as Peter Parker’s high school principal’ concept from the 2012 Spiderman animated series.

Getting called to the front office was generally considered a Bad Thing. He couldn’t even think of anything he’d been caught at recently, which might mean it was nothing. (It was hardly ever nothing.) )
Title: probably just a misunderstanding
Author: marcicat

Wordcount: 2800
Rating: L for language

Summary: Bad guys kidnapped a dark-haired angry sniper and a friendly blond soldier.  They probably should have checked IDs more carefully.

Author's Note: Crossover between The Losers and Marvel's Avengers. Inspired by this post from when I watched The Losers movie.

“But now I really want to read a story where Bucky Barnes from ‘Captain America’ runs into Jensen from ‘The Losers,’ and they’re both like, “wow, you seem kind of familiar” (you know, in a ‘one’s a sniper with a troubled past, one’s a man who wears unlikely outfits and looks like Chris Evans; together they fight crime’ sort of way).”

That’s not really what ended up happening, but who expects werewolves?


Well, that was totally weird.  That was weird, right?  That's not, like, a normal thing during kidnappings for you? )
Title: a walk in the park
Author: marcicat

Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 9250

Summary: First there is jogging, then explosions, then everyone sort of wonders what's happening. Eventually, Pepper gets it all sorted.

Author’s Note: Loosely follows look to the sky for love, warn the neighbors, and howling down the moon. Bucky’s a telepathic werewolf, because that is a seriously handy plot device. Also, the Avengers are awesome, and I like fics with kids in them.

She should have guessed, really, that something would go wrong. There was probably a flowchart about these things hanging somewhere in the SHIELD building. )
From October 2011

Title: I Was Not Expecting This
Author: marcicat

Fandom: Avengers movie!verse
Cuddlers: Tony, Pepper, cat!Steve, robot-dog!Iron Man
Word Count: 900

Note: StarAndrea and I were talking about the prevalence of ‘fic where someone is turned into a kitten’ the other day, and I said, “Why isn’t there more Avengers kitten!fic? Captain America would be totes adorable as a kitten.” And lo, there was writing.

Before you say anything, I’m reminding you that this was all your idea )
From December 2011

Title ~ Look to the sky for love (look to the stars for light)
Author ~ marcicat

Fandom ~ Avengers movie!verse (sort of)
Word Count ~ 3000

This is a story about Darcy Lewis and Bucky Barnes, because they are both clearly awesome, and yet are unlikely to show up in the Avengers movie. Really, I figure it's a good thing I'm not in charge of the movie, or else it would be all hoodies and accidentally getting transformed into kittens, and the whole "summer blockbuster" thing would be more like a summer block party with occasional superhero cameos.

Also, this story and canon are like ships that pass in the night -- they might be in the same ocean, but that's about it.

She knew who he was, of course. Everyone knew that. )
From January 2012

Title: Warn the neighbors
Author: marcicat

Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3100

Summary: The Avengers are pretty sure they’re about to be fighting Loki, and there is considerable debate about proper superhero etiquette.

(Note: Mostly movie!verse, but heavily influenced by the animated ‘Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.’ Also, I’m sure I’ve read the ‘indoor voice’ thing in someone else’s (surely awesome) fic, but it’s got to be one of those jokes that never really loses its funny, right?)

So, that's the situation here, I wouldn't even have mentioned it, really, except there was the chance you'd spontaneously decide to come back early, or, well — Steve thought you might be watching the news. )
From Feb/March 2012:

Title: Howling down the moon (aka dinner and a movie)
Author: marcicat

Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 4450

Note: Inspired by the ‘Psychic Wolves for Lupercalia’ challenge, though it doesn’t really fit the requirements. Loosely follows ‘Look to the sky for love,’ set in an Avengers movie-type universe that includes Bucky Barnes, plus the irresistible "extra" Avengers from Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

There was surprisingly little downtime as a member of the Avengers Initiative )


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