I received a lovely comment on this is how the world begins while I was on my work-cation last week, requesting a list of which characters matched up to which fandoms. (I felt a little overwhelmed when I looked at the list, but I've given it a go!)

Also, my apologies to anyone who tried to read the story on AO3 when it was first posted; the formatting was all wonky. It should be fixed now!

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Author's Note: So, this is Eragon Redux III: Home to Roost (in which I, unlike CP, manage to wrap up a story in 3 parts). Perhaps somewhat obviously, it follows Eragon Redux and Eragon Redux Part II. I really wanted this story to go somewhere, but I'm not sure it actually does. Also, when I was writing Part II, the working title was "Eragon Redux Part II: Kiss the Sky." I took out the second part when I posted it because it didn't make any sense. Then when I was working on Part III, another random title popped into my head (And All Our Chickens Come Home to Roost). Since it had a lot of words in it, I decided to use it, and felt editor's remorse about Part II, so I added "Kiss the Sky" back into that one. That information has no impact on the actual story.

Title: And All Our Chickens Come Home to Roost
Author: marcicat
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: complete disregard for Inheritance Cycle canon
Pairings: Well, in my world it's Eragon/Murtagh (and Roran totally has a crush on the queen), but I'm pretty sure the story easily scans as gen.
Word count: 8,000
Summary: After the winter, Eragon, Murtagh, Sapphira, and Thorn join the resistance.

Eragon Redux Part III )
When I was writing Eragon Redux, I did some checking on the Internet about the book the movie was (supposedly) based on. It seemed silly to wait for the second movie to come out to write a second story, especially when I realized I'd been driving around with the plushie version of Thorn for years. (It was a gift! I didn't know!) And even more especially when I decided to ignore every single thing I'd read about book two. So. This is what I say happens after what I say happened in the movie. I have gleefully adopted the movie's disregard for linear time and ability to ignore pesky questions like "But where could that bow and arrow possibly have come from?" Also, in my story, Eragon's not allowed to bless any babies.

Prophecies and destinies were all well and good -- as long as they had nothing to do with you. And even the greatest prophets were wrong sometimes. He hoped.

Eragon Redux Part II: Kiss the Sky )
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( Jun. 14th, 2007 08:06 pm)
So, I finally watched Eragon. I haven't read the book, but I liked the movie, despite it's shady grasp of the passage of time and the amazing disappearing and reappearing props. It was fun. Afterwards, I clicked around to see if I could find any good fanfic. I found that most people who were writing fanfic had read the book, and thus used book explanations for stuff that happened in the movie. These explanations were often serious and plotty, thus diminishing the fun-ness level for me. I have decided to ignore anything I may or may not have picked up about what happened in the book or its sequel. Instead, I am considering the movie to be like the X-Men movies -- inspired by the same characters and basic premises, perhaps, but bearing no actual resemblance to any identifiable written source.

Extra note: As I watched the movie, I was convinced that the dragon's name was spelled "Sapphira." Alas, the Internets informed me that I was incorrect. I was sad. Then I realized I had already decided to ignore everything I'd learned, and base this writing solely on the movie. Yay! (Um, I did break down to check some of the other spellings, for place names and such, after I realized I couldn't remember what anything was called.)

Anyway, this is what happened in the movie Eragon when I watched it.

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