Note: I started this story back in January, when I thought it would be my “January fic.” Now that it’s past mid-April, I’m desperate for it to be finished. Several thousand of the words were written in the last few days, as I bribed myself with an ever-increasing array of prizes for finishing. Hopefully it all hangs together as a coherent storyline.

Title: Light Up (sometimes a nox is as good as a lumos)
Author: marcicat
Rating: R
Word Count: 11,200

Summary: Harry’s pretending to be incompetent. Draco’s pretending to be evil. If they could just start talking to each other, who knows what they might accomplish.
(Circa Book 6, around the time of the infamous bathroom duel.)

It wasn’t hard to find Potter. Wait until curfew, then go wherever the Professors were conspicuously avoiding patrolling. )


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