Title: Matching
Author: marcicat

Fandom: Independence Day, Independence Day Resurgence
Rating: G

Characters: Jake Morrison, Charlie Miller, Rain Lao, Alicia Cade, Dylan Dubrow-Hiller
Wordcount: 1000

Summary: The matching t-shirts missing scene from 'Downtime Curve.'

(a very important coda) )
Title: Downtime Curve
Author: marcicat‚Ä®
Fandom: Independence Day, Independence Day Resurgence
Rating: T

Characters: Constance Spano, Mitchell, Chris Mitchell, Julius Levinson, Sam Blackwell, Bobby Blackwell, Felix Blackwell, Daisy Blackwell, Jasmine Dubrow-Hiller, Patricia Whitmore, Dylan Dubrow-Hiller, Jake Morrison, Alicia Cade, Miguel Cade, Troy Cade, Floyd Rosenberg, Catherine Marceaux, Charlie Miller, Rain Lao, Brakish Okun, Milton Isaacs, David Levinson, Matthew Travis, Dikembe Umbutu

Tags: nanowrimo, ignoring the book tie-in, saving the world, phone calls, kids being awesome, found family, secret tunnels, summer barbecue, Epcot

Summary: After the world is saved, what happens next?

Downtime Curve )


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