STXI was basically an explosion of fannish love on the big screen, so it seems only right to join in and add one more fic to the mix. (Actually, two fics, but they're related.) "Sparks" was written first, as a birthday gift for starandrea. "Home Fires" is the (slightly) longer, (slightly) more plotty companion story. Does it matter what order they're read in? No, not at all.

Sparks, Five at Six
Wordcount: 1100
Rating: G
Warning/Summary: the bridge crew is turned into children

Author's Note: For starandrea's birthday* -- happy birthday!

(*I asked her what she would want, if I was going to write something for her, and we came up with "a puppy pile fic with the new Star Trek characters." As always with my stories, I wish it was more like hers. Thank you for inspiring me, and amazing me, and being the best sister ever!)

(ETA: Also, thanks for the excuse to write this.)

Dedication: To StarAndrea, my sister. I wanted to come up with one of those six word biographies to put here, but I couldn't narrow down all the superlatives to just six!

Sparks, Five at Six )

Author's Note: Everybody has already written this fic. I think it's because wee!Spock was so adorable. You just wanted to give him a cookie and tell him everything was going to be okay (and maybe angle for a fist-bump to honor his total bad-ass ways). Of course, the kid!fic part of this is already written. This is the part about McCoy and Scotty being left in charge of the Enterprise while the Bridge crew runs around as barefoot and out-of-phase six year-olds.

Title: Keep the Home Fires Burning
Author: marcicat
Wordcount: 3000
Warnings: Language.

Keep the Home Fires Burning )


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