I received a lovely comment on this is how the world begins while I was on my work-cation last week, requesting a list of which characters matched up to which fandoms. (I felt a little overwhelmed when I looked at the list, but I've given it a go!)

Also, my apologies to anyone who tried to read the story on AO3 when it was first posted; the formatting was all wonky. It should be fixed now!

Honestly, I thought it would be easier than this. )
The Badger Fic From January:

Three (3) reasons why this fic was written:

1. because I thought to myself, "it's January, I should write something"

2. because badgers are internet famous, yo

3. because everyone should have the chance to use the line "It really *was* a robot head" at some point

The Badger Fic )


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