Title: probably just a misunderstanding
Author: marcicat

Wordcount: 2800
Rating: L for language

Summary: Bad guys kidnapped a dark-haired angry sniper and a friendly blond soldier.  They probably should have checked IDs more carefully.

Author's Note: Crossover between The Losers and Marvel's Avengers. Inspired by this post from when I watched The Losers movie.

“But now I really want to read a story where Bucky Barnes from ‘Captain America’ runs into Jensen from ‘The Losers,’ and they’re both like, “wow, you seem kind of familiar” (you know, in a ‘one’s a sniper with a troubled past, one’s a man who wears unlikely outfits and looks like Chris Evans; together they fight crime’ sort of way).”

That’s not really what ended up happening, but who expects werewolves?


Well, that was totally weird.  That was weird, right?  That's not, like, a normal thing during kidnappings for you? )


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